Use The Internet To Promote Your Next Big Party

Your birthday, anniversary or farewell party may have not started on the internet, but these big events can definitely do with some online promotion. If Cheryl Cole can use social media to promote her 30th birthday and Rihanna can tweet all about it, you can utilize modern internet tools to expose your next big party as well.

Before you take action, it is important that there is enough time for you to take advantage of the benefits of people sharing your information through different channels on the web. A good window is to start the promotion a month or two before the actual party date.

Take action and leverage the power of the internet to give a boost to your next big party. Here are some tips that will help you out:

1. Tweet about it

Microblogging has changed the way people use social media to promote events. If you are planning a big birthday bash, you can utilize Twitter to send out tweets to your college students. However, do make sure your college doesn’t have legal objections of using social media to promote personal events.

If there’s a college hashtag that students in your college use for off-topic discussions, you can include that hashtag in your party promotional tweet.

2. Go visual with Facebook

You can upload photos on Facebook and start tagging people. The benefit of tagging is that a notification about it appears on the wall of the person who has been tagged. People in the social circles of the tagged individual will also be able to see the photo.

For birthday parties, you can post a photo of a fancy custom-made invitation saying something like ‘Come join me at (event date, location, and date), let’s have fun, feel jolly and enjoy a superb day’.

Thessa from Hamburg, Germany, ended up with 1,500 guests at her birthday party when she posted an invitation to friends on Facebook, so you can imagine the promotional power of this social media site

3. Add the party to local listings

Apart from the big social media platforms, there are small local event portals that list local events. These websites are an important source for the locals and with a little effort; you can identify your target group on the local listings.

You can add your party details to local listings for increased visibility. However, you might have to pay a minor fee to get listed on some of them.

4. Target local blogs

Perhaps you may be able to reach your target group without paying anything through local blogs. You may even find some friends and college fellows who blog regularly. You can reach out to local blogs through e-mail.

Generous bloggers may share your party invite with local readers, and if they don’t, you can take always comment on their blogs. For example, if a post is about how to save money on college books, you can include a 3-line tip in your comment on saving money and a 2 line invite about the invitation.

By following these tips, your next big party is only going to get bigger and will be buzzing with guests when the time comes. So next time if you won’t need a website check out


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