Top Wedding Dance Songs For 2013

Weddings are a beautiful event. Not only are they a time to watch the love shared between two people, but they are also a chance for friends and family to come together after an extended amount of time without seeing one another.

And as beautiful as the wedding is, it’s the reception where tuxedos are unbuttoned and shoes are thrown off, as people get on the dance floor, whether they’ve had dance lessons or not, and bust out dance moves that only seem to come out when friends are watching.

If you’re not sure what songs you should play at a wedding, here is a list of ideas that are perfect for any wedding in 2013 and are sure to get all of your guests out of their seats.

Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide

The Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide are two of the most popular and classic dance songs that you’ll find at any wedding. Not only are they classics, but they are perfect for those who even have two left feet. Because they are so popular, most of the people at the wedding will probably know the dance and how to go about the moves. And even for those that are unfamiliar, the lyrics explain exactly what to do at certain points of the song.


Aside from the fact that nobody seems to understand what is being said in the Macarena lyrics, it seems that everyone knows the moves to the dance. This song reached popularity in the 90s and is sure to bring back a ton of memories at a wedding.

Sweet Caroline

When Neil Diamond first sang Sweet Caroline, one can wonder if he knew the impact it would have. More often than not, it seems like there are only certain lyrics to this song that people remember. However, after a few glasses of celebratory wine, one of the best parts of any wedding is seeing friends wrapping their arms around each other’s necks and belting out, “Sweet Caroline, Bah Bah Bah” while the following lyrics drown out with murmuring because no one knows what’s next.

Raise Your Glass

A popular song in 2012 and one that is sure to be played at celebratory events for years to come is Raise Your Glass by Pink. This is a perfect dance song for any wedding and the lyrics remind you to raise your glass in celebration of the newly wedded couple. This song is great for the younger generations who may be unfamiliar with some of the songs listed above.

All The Single Ladies

Beyoncé’s song for single ladies is perfect for any wedding. Mainly because it seems that weddings are an emotional time when women hate being single. However, when this song comes on, a sense of pride comes across all the single women as they storm the dance floor. And as these single ladies throw their hands in the air to show their ring-less hands, the best men in attendance can see which bridesmaids are single and ready to mingle.

Gangnam Style

No wedding, or better yet EVENT, would be complete without Psy’s Gangnam Style. This song took music by storm in 2012 and is one of the most recognized songs in the world. As soon as you hear the opening music, people get out of their chairs and start dancing. Even though they typically don’t know what Psy is saying they still love to sing, “Heyyyyy, Sexy Lady. Opp Opp Opp.”

No wedding reception is complete without a great list of songs that people can dance to. By throwing these songs onto a playlist with others, you’ll be sure to have people dancing all night long and leaving the wedding with memories that will last a lifetime.


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