Professional Murder Mystery Weekend Breaks

The exciting murder mystery party needs good role-playing characters, jovial host, time, space, script, an interesting plot, easy and yummy snacks to keep the mind working, refreshing beverages, and lots of thinking and action to spark to the thrilling game. The dinner or weekend mystery game can be held in a huge hall in home, in the entire house, backyard, farmhouse, rented bungalow, or even a hotel, or just the dining hall. There are so many possibilities as per the taste of the guest and the host.


To add glamour, create an ambience decorations are must. It will not sink in to the guests unless the place is all decked up with accessories and motifs that define the set up. For a ship or island scene, anchors, seashells, look alike of sea weeds, tropical trees made of cardboard and similar things can be put up, for casino- fantastic disco lights, casino table, for Old Hollywood simple glamour would do, just surf the net and find what all is needed to set theme games and their settings.

Some Interesting Themes

Some of the famous themes suggested for a murder mystery weekend breaks are- Sea Cruise/ Shipwrecks, Casino murder, Hollywood’s secrets, awards, revenge, death and glamour, Hawaiian mystery, Arabian Nights setting, Murder around karma and Rock music fest and so on. Some themes are only made for women only parties. Another aspect of deciding the themes is keeping the setting particular to an era, like the Victorian age, the ‘60s, ‘80s, and ‘20s and so on.

Planning the Snacking

Planning a usual get together might be easier, however, planning a game dinner, that too murder mystery game needs prior planning and preparations. It is not time consuming and tedious, it is just that you have to take out sometime and plan things well so that no sudden hassles bother later.

Guests have to be invited well in advance.

The guests must know their role, character, and clothing, their RSVP have to be confirmed so that they are not left out in the party, the main characters must show up at the party, snacks and décor must match the set up, music, lighting, space, script, professional actors, if any, have to be booked and informed and so on.Keep the menu simple and easy to eat. Also, have some variety of drinks that people can enjoy.

Mystery over the Weekend Or Just A Small Dinner

Murder mystery weekend breaks or Murder mystery dinner parties, work in the same way, just that space and time are confined at dinner parties. Both have a similar pattern; rules of the game remain same. Guests are requested to put on nametags and cards so that everyone can be familiar with each other’s characters, roles, and motives, and disclose the murderer. The game’s rules are not very strict and the twists added by the host, coordinators and guests add to the fun and frolic of the event. Accessories are included in the attire, but things like fake money, weapons, tricks, deals, card games, a cabaret dance, all these in accordance with the story line fabricated, make it more realistic, movie-like, and much enjoyable.

The Professional Touch

One of the best way get the most of out of the murder mystery party is to hire professional actors, scripter, directors from local theatre club, or neighborhood, and involve them in the enactment. These actors are usually well trained for enacting most of the scenarios. However, you may also consult online agencies that specialize in hosting, arranging, managing and executing murder mystery parties.

Mysterious Actors, Acting and Performance

The professional actors and directors experienced and well versed with mystery game parties and theme parties usually run their own events agencies. The Internet is widening like the universe and finding some local agencies will not be that difficult. The standard of organization and execution of whole event differs from agency to agency and depends on your expectations. Get through a well-reputed agency that has good experience in theatre cub, organizing murder mystery weekend breaks, dinners, corporate teambuilding, corporate entertainment, corporate parties, and so on.

Fun, Light, Enjoyable Thrills

Murder mystery partied are not supposed to be all morose, gloomy, serious, and dull, they have to be filled with fun, laughter, joy, action, solving, mind-boggling twists, live acting of characters, which very few agencies are able to realize and live up to. All talks and no proofs will not help. See for testimonials; ask the local people who hired them, or the market reputation, these things generally flutter around be they good or bad. That would give you an idea about how your party will be handled by them.

The professional agencies hire professional performers, writers and are directors who contribute to the event. This ensures high standard performance, an engrossing mystery to be solved by the guests and a lot of enjoyment overall. Professional management may even include catering, or they may be able to refer some good caterers that can help in doing up the snacks or the main course for the dinner.

A variety of Murder Mystery Parties Spread all over

Murder mystery parties are for not only weekends and dinners; it can be well incorporated as a corporate team-building event, during a Christmas celebration party, celebrating hens’ night, a birthday party and any occasion you want! It can be difficult to include everybody from granny to the young kids to be a part of the game, however, the professional party agencies, especially the ones specialising in murder mystery game parties know how to include everyone in it and make sure that each guest each person involved gets a due share of enjoyment.

Usually murder mystery dinner party lasts for several courses and it can be until the coffee that everyone keeps wondering who the murderer is. As for keeping it time bounded, generally, a plot is set to last for two to three hours. It is indeed very exciting at last, to know who was who, and how well they played their part, and it surprises to know what all were your friends hiding to solve the case and escape the “murderer” title.

To add some glamour to it, add big sized certificates or small gifts for costume, performance, presentation, case solving, and similar categories, funny, silly and funky that you may think of.


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