Scott Assemakis – An Entrepreneur At Heart!

Scott Assemakis – An Entrepreneur At Heart!

Kent-based entrepreneur Scott Assemakis is the founder and Managing Director of European Fine Wines – commonly called EF Wines – in Bromley, UK. The 2005-founded EF Wines is a wine merchant with a brokerage department that has witnessed robust growth over the last few years; thanks largely to Assemakis’ vision and experience as a wine broker.

Assemakis has been instrumental in bringing EF Wines to such monumental heights in recent years that the wine merchant currently has offices in London and Hong Kong; and its key focus is to provide continued lucrative returns to its client base.

About Scott Assemakis: An accomplished wine broker and an entrepreneur at heart, Assemakis has been the driving force behind ensuring that the operations at EF Wines are carried out efficiently by a team which not only cares ardently about wine but is also committed to building healthy relationships with clients, as well as expanding the client portfolio by providing the latest assessments of the wine market.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Assemakis always remains well-informed about the latest developments in the business and entrepreneurial arena. In an attempt to connect with other entrepreneurs, for sharing tips and entrepreneurial news and other information, Assemakis banks on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, among others. Assemakis’ interests and activities include entrepreneurship, social media, online business and online marketing, and drinking and collecting wine.

About EF Wines: In a rather short time period, OF Wines has become a noteworthy player in the wine investment market; and it caters to the investment needs for its huge client base. Along with providing first-class service to clients, the wine merchant also has a reputation for delivering exceptional results. The EF Wines team builds portfolios of the most collectable wines for clients, and also makes sustained efforts to improve the company’s services by expanding its base of technical wine knowledge and palates.

Against the brief above-given backdrop of Scott Assemakis and EF Wines, more details about the company and its dynamic founder and Managing Director can be searched online using any search engine.Meanwhile, it will be useful for potential investors interested in putting their money into wines to know that their investment goes towards the different wine-making processes, including vine, growing, picking and processing of the grapes, and the bottling and distribution of the wine.

Once the final product is ready, investors receive a pre-decided number of wine cases which they can either keep themselves or re-distribute to other clients. The profitability of the wine investment is evident from records which show that the investment yields up to 30 percent return in two years!

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