Nespresso Lattissima Will Change the Way You Take Espresso

Starting a day with a nice cup of coffee is great but a steaming cup of espresso is undeniably greater. For that, you will certainly need a great coffee machine such as the Nespresso Lattissima. It is one great way to usher in a promising day in the morning.

Such a cup will boost your energy and it will prepare you for the transit from the house to your office and for anything that the day has in store for you. It is for this reason that investing in a great coffee machine or rather an espresso machine is one of the shrewdest decisions that you can make. The machine to consider in that case is the Lattissima.

This generation of the Lattissima machines is particularly the best fit for espresso lovers with a taste for milkfroth recipes. With this machine incorporating advanced technology and dedicated features, it delivers a simple intuitive and even simpler operation, courtesy of its modern One Touch System. Milk froth recipes that one can experiment with here include the latte macchiato and the awesome cappuccino but you can still explore more new related recipes. The best thing about Nespresso Lattissima is that you do not have to be a kitchen-device guru. With just a simple touch of a dedicated button, you will be enjoying your thick froth espresso.

Features of the Lattissima

  • It incorporates an automatic ejection of the used capsule
  • Involves an automatic insertion of the capsule
  • Size compatibility- comes with an efficient design incorporating compact and advanced technology
  • Involves an automatic pump for refilling
  • Comes with a sliding drip tray to accommodate any size of cup – even mugs
  • Comes with underneath cable storage for adjusting the length of the cable
  • Programmable and automatic coffee and milk quantity settings; milk- min 20ML,max 300 ML and coffee- min 20 ML,max300 ML
  • It has the milk-recipes factory settings; latte macchiato – 40 ML coffee and 150 ML milk and cappuccino- 40 ML coffee and 50 ML milk
  • Programmable water-hardness settings – hard, medium and soft
  • Automatic factory settings – turns off precisely nine minutes after the last preparation


More about Nespresso Lattissima

DeLonghi built this coffee machine in association with Nespresso. The finished product was a stylishly designed and compact machine that could make coffee as well as produce great milk froth recipes, thanks to its milk frothing system. That is not all. Nespresso Lattissima incorporates the new steam/milk ration that forms very few bubbles in the drink, not to mention its optimized steam jet technology. Depending on the density of frothed milk, you will be able to enjoy creamy latte macchiato and cappuccino, in addition to delicious coffee.

This machine makes use of the innovational 19 bar pressure pump, ensuring that the espresso is brewed very fast yet giving it the wonderfully tasting Italian crema. It also has a milk carafe on its front- this is replaceable and can be removed for safer storage. With its Nespresso capsules pads of up to 16 types, the One-Touch System and the thermo-block heating chamber, Nespresso Lattissima is a great selection for everyone who has a taste of latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee and even espresso with just a button press.

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