Silk Wedding Flowers Gift Idea

Silk Wedding Flowers Gift Idea

So, the wedding’s been and gone and it’s almost your first anniversary.  What do you buy your good lady?  why not consider a replica of her wedding bouquet made from everlasting silk wedding flowers?

This is such a thoughtful and romantic idea to celebrate your first year together.  It’s a lovely, lasting memento of your day  What a fantastic way to show her how much you love her and what a special day it was for you too.  Present it to her with a framed photograph of your wedding day, or perhaps with a photo album of the event.  Your first-year anniversary is one of the most special so express how much you appreciate her by reliving the day she became your wife.

Silk flowers are similarly appropriate for your 4th or your 12th wedding anniversary.  Take a look at the table below:

Anniversary Traditional Modern
  • 1st Anniversary
Paper Clocks, Plastic, Gold Jewellery
  • 2nd Anniversary
Cotton China, Cotton, Calico, Garnet
  • 3rd Anniversary
Leather Crystal, Glass, Pearls
  • 4th Anniversary
Fruit, Flowers Appliances, Linen, Silk, Nylon, Blue Topaz
  • 5th Anniversary
Wood Silverware, Sapphire
  • 6th Anniversary
Sugar, Iron Wood, Candy, Amethyst
  • 7th Anniversary
Wool, Copper Brass, Desk Sets, Onyx
  • 8th Anniversary
Bronze, Pottery Appliances, Linens, Lace, Tourmaline Jewellery
  • 9th Anniversary
Pottery, Willow Leather, Lapis Jewellery
  • 10th Anniversary
Tin, Aluminium Diamond Jewellery
  • 11th Anniversary
Steel Fashion, Turquoise Jewellery
  • 12th Anniversary
Silk, Linen Pearls, Jade
  • 13th Anniversary
Lace Textiles, Furs, Citrine
  • 14th Anniversary
Ivory Gold Jewellery, Opal
  • 15th Anniversary
Crystal Glass, Watches, Ruby
  • 16th Anniversary
Wax Silver hollowware, Peridot
  • 17th Anniversary
Shells Furniture, Watch
  • 18th Anniversary
Feathers Porcelain, Cat’s Eye Jewellery
  • 19th Anniversary
Chilli Pepper Bronze, Aquamarine
  • 20th Anniversary
China Platinum, Emerald

What a lovely touch to replicate her wedding bouquet though.  It’s really takingimages (1) it a step further and showing her just how thoughtful and romantic you are.  Think of those Brownie points!

Silk flowers you may wonder about.  Are they as nice as fresh flowers?  I mean can anything truly beat the natural beauty of freshly grown flowers?  Well yes!  Silk flowers have come a long way in recent years and they can be every bit as beautiful as fresh flowers.  Sometimes even more so.  Today’s silk flowers are astonishingly lifelike and they have none of nature’s blemishes or flaws! They are perfect and they don’t wilt or die so they’re actually a much better symbol of your undying love.  Why give fresh flowers when they’re just going to die?  Silk flowers are the perfect anniversary gift.

Silk Blooms in Glasgow are one of the leading wedding bouquet companies in the world.  They cater for over 7,000 weddings every year and they’re masters at replicating bouquets from photographs.  Send them a set of your wedding photos and they’ll create a perfect replica of your wife’s bouquet.  Watch her open your gift on your anniversary and you’re guaranteed to bring tears of happiness as she relives the happiness of her wedding day.


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