How to Have a Jane Austen Wedding

With the wealth of period dramas that have been flooding our TV screens in recent years, it’s not surprising that many young couples looking for inspiration for their big day choose to take notes from some of the most well-known Jane Austen books and film adaptions.  If you are looking to follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Bennett or Emma Woodhouse, here are some pointers to help you in the right direction.


In the Regency era dress style for women was simple and understated, and the wedding dresses were similar, so if you are looking to have an outrageous and original dress for your wedding, the Austen style perhaps isn’t for you. High waistlines, and simple lace or floral finishes would be the kind of style you are looking for. Make-up and hair should be similarly simple and natural, hair is usually pinned up, with perhaps a floral accessory.


This is perhaps the most crucial part to decide upon when designing your Jane Austen wedding. The venue that you choose will set the scene and create the atmosphere for your wedding, so if you truly want to transport your guests into the world of Pride and Prejudice, why not find the genuine article and choose an old estate or country house that is old enough to have been around since Jane Austen herself? Any Stately Home would work perfectly for this. With sprawling lawns and gardens, and stately rooms for you to truly immerse both you and your guests in the traditional style and feel of the time. If you need further convincing for this particular venue, Sandon Hall, which is a Wedding Venue in Staffordshire, was in fact chosen on the popular TV series Don’t Tell the Bride, by a groom that specifically wanted to create a Jane Austen wedding for his lucky, unknowing wife.


Once your location is confirmed, be sure to decorate your lovely surroundings with the kind of style that will complement the era that you are looking to replicate. For this, a tasteful mix of rustic and elegant would be the perfect way to enhance the feeling of the wealthy 19th Century family in a country house. There can never be enough floral decoration in this case, since it exaggerates the connection to nature and the countryside, and perhaps including wicker baskets and candles would also help add to the atmosphere, especially in the later evening.

Of course, there is always more to organise for a wedding than these areas, but hopefully, with some of the main points out of the way, your preparations for your big day should be a tad easier.


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