Tips For The Perfect Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal shower invitations are the first impression of the shower, which makes them important. The invitations you send out for the shower reflect your love for the bride-to-be, and they also make a style statement. If you’re sending out bridal shower invitations, chances are this means a lot to you. Here are some key tips for sending out the best bridal shower invites ever; you’ll want to think about the style in terms of formality, wording, colour theme and details.

Formality. This isn’t the wedding invite itself; so don’t overdo it in terms of formality. No one wants to outshine the bride on the big day, nor should the shower invite outdo the wedding invite. If you already have the official wedding invitation, you’re in luck, because you have a guide before you. If not, engage the bride in some conversation about the wedding style and level of formality. If the wedding is an evening black-tie event, the shower invites can be accordingly elegant yet understated. If this is a backyard-wedding affair, feel free to be rustic and cute.

Wording. Hopefully, it is obvious that the location, date, and time of the shower need to be listed on the bridal shower invitation, as well as the name of the bride in whose honor the shower is being given. Otherwise, give credit where its due by listing who, exactly, is hosting the shower. For my cousin’s shower, I listed my aunties,” “and myself because the shower was jointly hosted by myself and our aunts. The formality of the wording should match the overall level of formality in the theme.

Colour Theme. It’s really lovely to have a colour theme, because it pulls all the elements of the invitation together, making it look professional. This is another area where it helps to know some details about the wedding. If the bride has chosen blue for the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses, then blue would be a good choice for the bridal invitations. Use the chosen colour for envelopes, backgrounds, borders, and even ink colour if the shade is dark enough. Don’t use inks that will be difficult for some to read. However, feel free to use different shades of the same colour, instead of trying to be monochromatic.

Details, details. The details are where your personal style and love for the bride can shine through in the bridal shower invitations. If the bride is Irish, or the wedding will be a Celtic theme to the wedding use Celtic knots in the invitation. If the wedding is a country theme, tie gilded leaves or stars to the invite with raffia or twine. Seal the envelopes with an old-fashioned wax stamp with the bride’s initials, or use paper with real flower petals in it. Some special paper contains flower seeds so that the invitation can be planted as a garden. Some papers use metallic threads for a shimmery effect, which makes a big visual impact.

Follow these tips as guidelines, and do some research. Think about the best showers you’ve attended, and also think of the worst showers you’ve been to, and why. Above all, remember that throwing the best bridal shower always starts with invitations.


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