Simple But Fun Themed Children’s Parties

Simple But Fun Themed Children’s Parties

Taking the simplest theme is usually the best idea when it comes to organising children’s parties; this means sticking to a theme that you can easily use for decorations, party games, and food, whether you’re hosting a party at home or not. You can also tailor a theme to the age of your children while exploring options for themed DNA Kids Parties that can cover everything from a princess to beach parties. What, then, are some simple but fun ideas that you try for your next themed children’s party?

Magic Parties

These can involve hiring professional entertainers to offer a range of different games and tricks. Some ideas for party food might include using sweets shaped like dice, magic chocolate wands, and chocolate rabbits.

Beach Parties

A beach party doesn’t necessarily have to be outdoors, with the theme able to be created using beach costumes, bowls of punch, and hula hoop competitions in homes and local venues. Add in plenty of ice cream, and no one will notice the less tropical weather outside.

Sports Parties

For a good general party idea, you can either focus on one sport, such as football or netball or go for an Olympics or sports day theme; professional party entertainers can help you to run competitions.

Halloween Parties

Putting on a Halloween-themed party can work well if a child’s birthday falls near the holiday, and can mean you get two parties for the price of one. Vampire bats, pumpkins, and games like Spooky Musical Statues can create a great atmosphere.

Popstar Parties

These parties can simply involve putting on music and encouraging children to come as their favourite pop stars. Microphones and instruments can also be provided for children that want to test out their musical skills.

Jungle Parties

Like beach parties, jungle parties are all about being creative with the resources you have available to you. Look to include options for animal costumes, games like limbo, and food that can include animal-shaped cookies.

Cowboys & Indians Parties

Easy to put together, this theme can just involve having a fancy dress, and games like pin the tail on the donkey, as well as trail mix and a barbecue.

Superhero Parties

Putting together a superhero party can involve encouraging children to dress up as their favourite characters, and finding decorations and party bags that include the birthday boy or girl’s chosen superhero.

Disco Parties

With these parties, you can focus on hanging a glitter ball and possibly a smoke machine if you have the space; professional party entertainers can also put on larger dance events with music, lasers, live sing-offs and other games.

Chef Parties

Indulge children’s (and parents’) love of food with chef-themed parties; kids can dress up in hats and aprons, and work together with parents and helpers to bake cookies and play games based on different countries and foods of the world.

Author Bio:- Sam Jones is a father of two who’s enthusiastic about putting on a new party theme every year. He recommends using DNA Kids Parties if you want an excellent choice of theme ideas. He also blogs about how to cook healthy meals for children on a regular basis.


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