Three Top Tips To Find The Right Event Caterer

Three Top Tips To Find The Right Event Caterer

If you are planning a big event, be it a corporate or a wedding, you will know how difficult it can be to find the right caterer. You won’t want just a good caterer, but you want the right caterer, the one who goes best with your event, who will best attend to you and your guest’s needs and tastes.

Although this is not an easy task, I have come up with my 3 top tips designed to help make this process less painful.

Firstly, remember to get a tasting session! It may seem like a weak suggestion, but you would be surprised how many people either forget to do this or simply decide they like the names of foods or the way the dishes look. Don’t do this. All good caterers will allow tasting sessions so you can decide if the food is how you want it.

Secondly, try and find out what their customer service is like. This can be a bit more difficult due to not knowing until the event, however, you can ask around and get the opinions of their previous customers and see what they think of the service. If they say anything below “Brilliant” then this is not the caterer for you. Your guests will pay attention to how they are treated, and anything less than brilliant will stick with them.

Lastly, find a caterer who is a little unique and creative. If you are running an event, you want to try and avoid “plain”, “normal” and “standard”. Yes, these may feel safe, but they won’t make for an interesting event. Try and be different. Not too different, just enough to stand out from all your guest’s previous events. However, if you get a caterer who can only do standard and normal, they will hold your creativity back. Find someone who will not just work with your ideas, but also become passionate about them to try and make it the best event possible.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope they make your caterer search less painful than it needs to be. If you would like any more catering information please do not hesitate to head on over.


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