Who Is Mr. Rizzo And What About His Reptiles?

Who Is Mr. Rizzo And What About His Reptiles?

You have children and as they grow up, you are going to want to offer them an awesome birthday party that they can enjoy with all of their friends. Each year, the party needs to be cooler or more inventive than the last. So if each and every year the party needs to be more spectacular,

what is a parent to do? Stay-at-home moms and dads come up with some crazy ideas once in a while and even post some of them on websites like Pinterest just to give others the same idea.  You might be struggling to find a way to bring enjoyment and excitement to your young child’s birthday party and that is a common situation.  Did you ever think about hiring animal experts to bring reptiles to your home for all of the party to enjoy?

Some parents might not think that it is a good idea to have reptiles lurking around the yard but be assured that Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery has trained professionals to take care of them.  The best part is the experts will also bring laughter and throw in a little learning at the same time.  Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery is based out of New Jersey but has pricing for New York City, Staten Island and areas throughout Pennsylvania and New York State.  Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery has four programs that you can choose from with each of them taking about 1 hour to complete.  The programs include reptiles, wildlife, rainforest and discover green.  All of them are unique in their own ways, including different animals for the children to see, touch and even learn about.

Education through entertainment is a great way to show kids that learning can be fun and that it will be something that they remember for a long time.  Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery loves animals and wants to share the passion they have with young children so they can see how important wildlife is to everyday life.  Conservation is also a good part of the programs where the children are taught about reasons they should not litter and think “green” to keep the world an animal-friendly place to live.  The mission is for parents and children of all ages together to learn and appreciate the natural world.  Some of the things that Rizzo’s can offer include more than 100 animals including a reptile party, a snake show and a wildlife educational event.

Other animals that are included in some of the programs are turtles, snakes, frogs, lizards, pygmy hedgehogs and even alligators.  On top of all of the education and fun that your child will have with a reptile party, Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery also had products that will keep the show at the front of their minds forever.  A Wildlife Card Game can be purchased and meets many of the requirements for the New Jersey State Core Curriculum.  Children can learn about certain wild animals and have fun learning about them at the same time.

The Reptile program includes an hour-long show with lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles and insects of your choosing.  If you want Rizzo’s to bring an alligator or crocodile it will cost you a little bit more per show.  The website has plenty of information that can answer your questions and a photo gallery so that you can see how the reptiles are used and how the children interact with them.  The other programs are handled the same way, with a different spin based on the topic.  With children loving little, cute reptiles, that program is going to be the most popular.

Teaching children about wild animals is such a cool idea and is actually quite affordable for your backyard party.  Children will be happy and excited and the team at Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery will certainly bring the party to life. See more about Rizzo’s Reptile Parties in NJ.