Unspoken Rules Of Bachelor Parties That Every Man Should Know

Unspoken Rules Of Bachelor Parties That Every Man Should Know

Have you seen the Hollywood flick ‘The Hangover’!? If not then hope you loved it and for the ones who didn’t, well, it is a movie that talks about friends having the time of their lives in Vegas. The reason, one of them was about to get hitched and the rest wanted to give the would-be groom a proper send-off.

All was well and good until the would-be groom was missing in action. Let’s not get into the details of the flick anymore. What we are trying to tell you is that there are a few unspoken rules of bachelor parties that need to be followed religiously if one doesn’t want to end up on the roof of their hotel, all clueless and sunburnt.

So, without any further delay, let’s delve into the topic in the following sections now, shall we!?

First unspoken rule – The party planning should be left with the would-be groom

Since it is a night that celebrates the last few hours of freedom of the would-be groom, it is best that the series of activities and party attractions should be at par with the preferences of the groom to be.

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Second unspoken rule – Never ask nor let the groom pay a single penny for the expenses

Heck! It is a party that celebrates the last few hours of freedom of the would-be groom. On top of that, it is your one big chance to finally show your BFF how much you really love him and care about him. Make sure that all expenses are paid from your end.

If that is a bit too much then make sure you sit down with the gang as well as the bachelor party attendees and discuss how the expenses can be split equally. Since you are obviously the best man in your BFF’s wedding, you need to collect all the funds and start making reservations and related arrangements pretty early.

Third unspoken rule – The guest list will be formulated by the groom only

Okay, it is clear that bachelor parties are often shrouded in mystery since it hosts activities that are deemed as ‘unfit’, especially for someone who is about to get married. It is one of the many reasons why bachelor party attendees are handpicked by the groom.

The groom selects the ones that he can trust. People who would keep their mouths shut and keep the events that went down at the bachelor party a secret are the perfect candidates. Handpicking the guests would allow the groom to let loose and enjoy the party to the fullest.

Fourth unspoken rule – The party keeps on going until the groom says he had enough

It is the night of the groom and when the groom wants to stay a little longer at the bar or in the arms of a lady, you need to respect that. If the groom suddenly behaves like a fatherly figure and goes around advising you and the gang that you all are drinking excessively, it is your responsibility to respect his wishes and start drinking water.

It is best to remember that it is his night so you have to respect his wishes and behave accordingly.

Bachelor party is an age-old tradition that has been going on since ancient times. To make sure that the party is a huge success, one needs to abide by the above-mentioned unspoken rules. It is the only way one can rest assured that the groom would make memories in the party that would last him a lifetime.

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