Two Exciting Theme Ideas For Corporate Functions In Essex

Corporate functions are not only fun (and a terrific excuse to party with bosses and co-workers alike); they serve a greater purpose. Corporate functions are a great way to bond with co-workers, recognize and reward outstanding employees and boost morale in the workplace. For corporate functions, Essex is a great place to look for venues, but before choosing a location, you should choose a great theme for your function: something that those who are invited will remember for years to come. Here are two corporate function themes that are currently very popular:

Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love trivia games? After a sumptuous dinner and perhaps a glass of wine or two, host a trivia contest. Start out with questions about the company: who founded it, who the CEO is, and the like. Make sure the questions are relatively easy so that everyone has a chance to answer. As the night goes on, include pop culture and general trivia questions. Some suggestions for question categories: Simpsons Trivia, Music from the ’80s, and Essex Trivia. A fairly spacious restaurant or one with a banquet hall is a great venue for a trivia night-themed corporate function.

Dining in the Dark

“Dining in the Dark” is a popular team-building activity. It entails eating a sumptuous gourmet meal blindfolded, in the pitch dark. Senses are heightened and diners are able to enjoy their meal in a way that they might never have before experienced. Apart from the enjoyment of eating a gourmet meal, this type of corporate function activity fosters trust and encourages employees to develop a sense of adventure. This type of activity is best held in a private dining room off the main restaurant, as the lights need to be turned off and the room completely dark. An enthusiastic MC will also help greatly in making your “Dining in the Dark” corporate function a total success!

For venues where you can hold corporate functions some of the Essex tourism websites have lists of restaurants in the area. For larger groups, consider renting a banquet hall or function room and have the function catered by a reputable restaurant. Some restaurants offer wine and beer bars for rent on an hourly basis. Corporate functions don’t have to be boring. Get everyone involved by hosting a fun, themed party with excellent food and great wine that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years to come. For more information please click here.


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