The exciting murder mystery party needs good role-playing characters, jovial host, time, space, script, an interesting plot, easy and yummy snacks to keep the mind working, refreshing beverages, and lots of thinking and action to spark to the thrilling game. The dinner or weekend mystery game can be held in a huge hall in home, in the entire house, backyard, farmhouse, rented bungalow, or even a hotel, or just the dining hall. There are so many possibilities as per the taste of the guest and the host.

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Scott Assemakis – An Entrepreneur At Heart!

Kent-based entrepreneur Scott Assemakis is the founder and Managing Director of European Fine Wines – commonly called EF Wines – in Bromley, UK. The 2005-founded EF Wines is a wine merchant with a brokerage department that has witnessed robust growth over the last few years; thanks largely to Assemakis’ vision and experience as a wine broker.

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